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SYHA Scrimmages
SYHA has decided to use the last few weeks of extra ice for scrimmages...
2014 - 2015 Season Tryouts
As this year’s season winds down, we will be holding our tryouts...
Registration for the 2014-2015 Season
Registration is still open for the 2014-2015 Hockey Season.   SYHA is...
Peewees and the Junior Crusaders Co-op
For the upcoming season we have been working with the Crusaders on...
Calling all SYHA Coaches! We will be having our annual Coaches...
SYHA Shirts/Sweatshirts/Jackets
Embroidery Unlimited offers Shrewsbury apparel on it's website....
Hockey Season Scheduling
All schedules can be accessed from the Master Schedule. The website...
SYHA Program Offerings
Shrewsbury Youth Hockey offers various programs for youths who...
SYHA Scrimmages
by posted 04/07/2014

SYHA has decided to use the last few weeks of extra ice for scrimmages for existing SYHA players in the organization. This does not interfere with the rest of the practices you have allocated for the year. The schedule is posted below and all hours are at Buffone.

Here are the rules:

- The scrimmages are allocated for existing SYHA players.

- Full hockey equipment is required

- There must be at least one coach at each session

- Players should bring practice and games jerseys 

- There is no instruction during these sessions

- These sessions are designed for the players to have fun after the long season. 

4/9/14 Wed 06:00PM 07:00PM 60   Practice       PEEWEES
4/12/14 Sat 09:00AM 10:00AM 60   Practice       SQUIRTS
4/13/14 Sun 07:30AM 08:30AM 60   Practice       MITE HIGH
4/13/14 Sun 08:30AM 09:30AM 60   Practice       MITE LOW
4/15/14 Tue 05:30PM 06:30PM 60   Practice       PEEWEES
4/16/14 Wed 06:00PM 07:00PM 60   Practice       SQUIRTS
4/23/14 Wed 06:00PM 07:00PM 60   Practice       ALL GIRLS
4/22/14 Tue 05:30PM 06:30PM 60   Practice       PEEWEES
4/26/14 Sat 08:00AM 09:00AM 60   Practice       SQUIRTS
4/26/14 Sat 09:00AM 10:00AM 60   Practice       MITES
4/27/14 Sun 07:30AM 08:30AM 60   Practice       PEEWEES

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2014 - 2015 Season Tryouts
by posted 03/14/2014

As this year’s season winds down, we will be holding our tryouts for our SYHA Mites, Squirts, and PeeWees for the upcoming 2014-2015 seasons.  Registration is already up on the SYHA.net website.  Please make sure to review the registration process and the refund policy.  Also, this would be a good to time to make sure that you have paid your full SYHA tuition for the current 2013-2014 season. 

Link to Register - https://leagueathletics.com/Registration/Default.asp?n=53292&org=syha.net

Tryout Dates – Below is a list of the specific dates for each of the age groups – Mites, Squirts, and PeeWees


March 28th - Friday - 5pm - Mites (Last Names M-Z)

April 1st - Tuesday - 5:30pm - Mites (2007 or Younger Birth Years)

April 1st - Tuesday - 6:30pm - Mites (2006 Birth Years Only)

April 4th - Friday - 5pm - Mites (Last Names A-L)


March 25th - Tuesday - 6:30pm - Squirts (2004 Birth Years Only)

March 28th - Friday - 7pm - Squirts (2005 Birth Years Only)

April 4th - Friday - 7pm - Squirts (Last Names A-L)

April 6th - Sunday - 6pm - Squirts (Last Name M-Z)



April 2nd - Wednesday - 6pm - PeeWees (ALL)

April 6th - Sunday - 7pm - PeeWees (ALL)

  All tryouts sessions will be held at the Buffone Rink on Lake Ave.  PeeWees have two days of tryouts and all PeeWees are expected to attend both tryout sessions.  The Squirts and Mites will have four days of tryouts, with each player specifically going to two sessions.  You must make every effort to go to the correct session.  We have split up the Mite and Squirt in their sessions in order to not have too many skaters on the ice at a time so as to better evaluate all the players.

 For example On March 25th at 6:30pm – ONLY the Squirts born in 2004 will be trying out.  The Squirts born in 2005 will be asked to come to the March 28th 7pm Session.  Parents please review which session days and times your son or daughter needs to attend based on their birth year, last name, and which level they will be playing at for NEXT season.

Tryouts will be conducted by Competitive Goals Hockey, the same group who did our skills sessions this current season.

Once again please register on the SYHA.net website as soon as possible.  We will be sending out more information and reminders in the following weeks.

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Registration for the 2014-2015 Season
by posted 03/05/2014

Registration is still open for the 2014-2015 Hockey Season.  
SYHA is be accepting registrations for Mite, Squirts and Peewees,
Bantams should watch for registration information on the Junior Crusaders Youth Hockey site.
SYHA will be running a Co-Op with them again at the Bantam Level only. 

Our House League for skaters 4-7 will be offered in the fall. Check back in August for more information.

The final price for next season should be a slight increase over this year but the final cost will be determined at the Annual General Meeting in late spring.  

We are still working on the details for next year but we do not expect many changes:
- We expect to continue the fixed weekday practice and a weekend practice based on game schedules
- We expect to offer additional skills sessions like we have in years past
- Games will still be at Northstar with some games potentially in RI for Squirt and Peewees

The registration link can be found here or on the SYHA website under "Register Online" below our "Refund Policy".

Player placement for late registrants will be done in the fall.

If you have questions or suggestions for the next year you can email info@syha.net

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Peewees and the Junior Crusaders Co-op
by posted 03/05/2014
For the upcoming season we have been working with the Crusaders on the details of the co-op for next season.   Based on the numbers for the 2002 and 2003 birth year of the kids who have traditionally played with Shrewsbury Youth Hockey we are bringing the PeeWee level back to SYHA.   We started the co-op as we had small numbers for the 2000 and 2001 birth years but we have a healthy number of anticipated PeeWee's so we hope to field 3 PeeWee teams.   We are continuing the co-op at the Bantam level as numbers have traditionally dropped at the Bantam level for both organizations and has only resulted in 3 Bantam teams for the past 2 seasons of the co-op.  That trend is likely to continue so the co-op for the Bantams seems poised to continue for the foreseeable future. 

The Crusaders are in support of this move as it is good for youth hockey in Central Mass to have more viable organizations. It also helps add teams to the NorthStar league and keep that league on solid footing.  NorthStar is local and has been a great asset to hockey in Central MA, so we want to support it as best we can.  The only other league we could play in is the Valley League, which would require considerable travel and is quite a bit more expensive than NorthStar.

As we have worked it out with the Crusaders, you need to register with SYHA if you are a 2002 birth year player and played for Shrewsbury before the current season.  The Crusaders have the list of the players who are Shrewsbury sourced and will direct you back to Shrewsbury if one of those players does register with them.    

To highlight some of the things SYHA is offering:

Half Price tuition for full time goalies
Skills sessions with Shayne Toporowski's Hockey group
Financial help for those coming back who need a new Jersey.
Set weekday practice times as we now have additional practice ice at NorthStar.
Working with the Crusaders to have our players and theirs play Middle School Hockey together next season.

It is understood that the 2002 birth year players have enjoyed the season with the Crusaders as they have a solid organization with a great group of kids and coaches.  We have the numbers to bring the PeeWee's back to SYHA and that will solidify the organization and help keep the cost for all levels at a reasonable price.  Mass Hockey also supports this move as Shrewsbury has always been one of the largest programs in district 7 with over 40 years as an independent organization.

The registration and tryout schedule will be posted to the website in a day or two.

Please reply back with any questions.


Kevin O'Brien
SYHA President
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by posted 02/17/2014
Calling all SYHA Coaches!

We will be having our annual Coaches Game on Sunday April 27th from 6-8 pm. We are looking for a good turnout this year! 

We are filling up nicely, but still have plenty of room for anyone who wants to play. We are still looking for goalies. If you know someone, please let me Harry know.  We are looking for 25-30 skaters.

This is always a fun time and a chance for the kids to cheer their coaches on. (Or yell at them for being out of position or not skating hard enough to the puck...)

Email Harry at to reserve your spot.

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SYHA Shirts/Sweatshirts/Jackets
by posted 10/08/2013
Embroidery Unlimited offers Shrewsbury apparel on it's website. You can follow this link to see their offerings.

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Hockey Season Scheduling
by posted 10/26/2012
All schedules can be accessed from the Master Schedule. The website also provides the option to subscribe to a google calendar or iCal feed.  The directions are here:

    - Select the team you're interested in from the "Teams" dropdown on the top horizontal bar.
    - Select "Schedule" from the vertical bar on the left
    - There are buttons for the ical or google calendar feed on the top right 

SYHA Board

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SYHA Program Offerings
by posted 08/13/2012
Shrewsbury Youth Hockey offers various programs for youths who are interested in learning to skate or play hockey.

Learn To Skate
The learn to skate program offers sessions for young skaters who are new to skating or want to work on their skills. There is no hockey instruction and the only equipment requirements are a helmet and skates. Registration for learn to skate starts August 20th, 2012.

House League
The House League is Shrewsbury Youth Hockey’s Learn to Play Hockey Program. This program teaches basic hockey skills to children ages 4 to 8. The program includes skating and hockey skills instruction and hockey games. No prior skating or hockey experience is required.  Full Hockey equipment is needed.
The House League plays cross ice hockey. The rink is separated into three sections, goal line to blue line; and then the other blue line to goal line. Each section of the ice will have children grouped with peers who posess similar skills; Beginner (any skater who has minimal skating experience); Intermediate (skaters with 1-2 years experience) and then Advanced (skaters with more then 2 years of experience.
The program runs from November 2012 through February 2013.   It takes place on Saturdays from 8 - 9 am and Sundays from 8:15 to 9:20 am.   It runs  for 17 weeks.  The coaches are parents who are volunteering their time and have hockey experience.  

Many of our house league players move on to the Shrewsbury Town teams and play competitive hockey.

SYHA fields town teams which play competitive hockey at Northstar and practice at Buffone Arena in Worcester. The season starts in August and end in April with league playoffs.


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Pure Hockey Equipment Package
Click the link below for information on the Starter Package of a full set of equipment for $179.95 (includes skates).  This package is avaliable in the Marlborough store as well as online.